– No More USB Devices is a new service that will allow you to send and receive a much larger amount of files in a highly secure and flexible way.

Have you ever imagined being able to send files amounting to more than 500 MB to many people at the same time? Until now that was almost a dream, but this service gives you the freedom you need to do it. will provide you with the conveniences given by a FTP replacement drop box. With this system you can perform an accurate file delivery tracking that will help you to optimize your work.

In case you are a student this will be a good way for you to forget about you pendrive because will allow you to send your most important files and assignments, no matter how bulky they might be in a fast and secure way. can also be used by business people because it allows them to send and receive any vital file without having to pay anything for that.

On the whole, this is going to be a fast way to send large files faster than usual. The good thing about it is that the people who are receiving the file do not have to register. This is quite an interesting solution from which everybody can benefit. Give it a look and see if that applies to you as well. In Their Own Words

“Send 20GBs per session, 2GB max per file, unlimited usage – 100% FREE!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will help many users to maximize the way they work because it is simple, secure and fast.

Some Questions About

How has that much capacity been achieved?