KillerStartups – Let Customers Make Reservations Online stands as an online reservation tool that can be used at absolutely no cost. Dentists, lawyers, hair & beauty salons, repair shops… all these (and more) will be able to use this flexible browser-hosted tool, and provide their customers with a more convenient context to make reservations. The client will make his booking using his browser, and businesses will avoid incurring into the expenses that receptionists and callback systems always imply. And the service is all the more practical since it can deliver SMS alarms and notifications in a timely way.

Besides, lots of accessory services are provided for those who want to supply an even rounder service. For example, a Facebook booking module is available for these companies that have a strong presence on the Social Web, and that want to let customers make booking through their fanpages. So, those of you who go for are guaranteed to have all the different bases covered.

An online demo is provided for those of you who want to see how this application works – you will get to see it in action in all contexts, including Facebook fanpages. In Their Own Words

Free online appointment scheduling service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it makes for taking appointments without having to rely on an operator or a callback system.

Some Questions About

How is the sending of SMSes handled? How much does that cost?

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