search cancel – Personalize Your Touch Keyboard takes you to the Siinewriter’s webpage, in which you can download the Siinewriter app for your Android system. There must be similar products for other operating systems, but Siinewriter is developed only for Android.

What Siinewriter does is provide an iconbased keyboard to save your time while writing text messages. For example if you usually need to text about the time because of work meetings, a small icon with a clock will be there for you on the keyboard. Siinewriter was developed to be customizable by each user, so you can make your touch keyboard a part of you just as your voice or your gestures are.

Customizations made by one user on his keyboard can be shared with others later. When you adapt your keyboard with the icons corresponding to your frequently used words or phrases, you’ll be able to just write your messages in a few taps on your touch screen and nothing more. These icons are calles “Siines”, which can be edited afterwards. The custom content which can be saved on the app is limitless, so you won’t run out of space to add more of your usual expressions.

It seems as if this is the kind of tool that helps you so much that you will find it hard to go back to a common touch screen keyboard. Maybe you should practice every now and then with common keyboards in order to keep your training. Well, this may be a bit exagerated, but that’s how they make it look on the website.

At the “Support” section of the site you will find a forum with questions and answers concerning the use of the app, such as how characters from other languages may be added (for example the Spanish “?”), or in which versions of Android will it work better, and also explanatory videos with “How to” features. In Their Own Words

So you thought there was only one way to type? No way! Siine Writer is the first icon-based keyboard that you can edit and personalize ? making your messages sound like YOU.

Some Questions About

Are there plans to create versions for other operating systems besides Android?


Author : Charly Zaks

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