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Signsquid.comSigning up legal documents online is slowly becoming accepted by all the people who previously would dismiss doing such a thing out of hand. We have to thank applications like Signsquid for that. Signsquid makes for signing contracts on your browser in a way that’s both fast and secure. You upload your document, invite all your signatories and once they’ve all signed up then you’ll receive a signed copy of your document as a PDF.

The system’s 100% legal, and if for any reason or the other someone challenges a Signsquid signature then the company itself will take care of proving its validity. Its legal team will work along with your own lawyers until everything’s perfectly clear. And Signsquid will pay all the legal expenses for doing so.

$9 per month will let you have as many as 10 different contracts signed per month, and a free trial is also provided. You’ll get to test Signsquid for one full month, and you won’t have to disclose your credit card number to do it. Just register for the service by submitting your email address. In Their Own Words

No fax, no printer, no delays! Signsquid is a simple, secure, legally guaranteed platform for signing contracts online. Simply upload your document, invite your signatories, and receive a legally signed PDF for your records.

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What if you need to have a larger number of contracts signed per month? How far can Signsquid be taken?

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