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SignNow.comA platform that can let users save an enormous amount of time (and headaches), SignNow can be used for signing documents with any kind of web-enabled device that one happens to have at hand. A desktop computer, a mobile phone, a tablet… these can all be used to have contracts signed on the spot. And the other party will know that the document has been signed the very moment it has been signed.


Besides, SignNow lets users add sticky notes to these documents that they submit. This can be used to invite the other party to sign, in a way that is both more personalized and amenable.

The basic version of SignNow can be used at no cost, but a paid version of the application is likewise available. This is named SignNow Pro, and (among other features) it will enable you to use templates, and schedule live video signings. SignNow Pro is yet to be released, but the basic version of SignNow can already be used to the full – just upload what you need to have signed, and give it a try. In Their Own Words

We built our business with two goals in mind: make signing online extremely simple for users and improve the enforceability of contracts. All of our products emphasize ease for the user, and SignNow free is the perfect example of how simple it can be to legally sign online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really powerful eSignature platform – using it, everything boils down to uploading what needs to be signed for it to be taken care of.

Some Questions About

How much is the Pro version of SignNow going to cost?


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