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Sidepon.comDon’t you feel it frustrating to have to go back and forth between pages when you’re shopping online and you want to try out different coupon codes? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that somehow let you use coupon codes without having to go from one window to the other, or without having to open multiple tabs just to get everything done? The team behind this new startup thought about al this. And they set about solving this problem that all of us have had to face as online shoppers at one point or the other. And they’ve come up with a novel approach to how coupons are handled on online stores.


Sidepon is presented as “the innovative coupon sidebar”, and that’s the best way in which this service could ever be described. It’s a sidebar that you can launch on the side of any store that you’re shopping at. This bar lets you find out if any item you’re interested in can be had at a discounted price. It can search for that information and have it retrieved in seconds. And if a discount code is indeed found, then you’ll be able to use it right there and then. No need to start going back and forth just to redeem it, and no need to open a single additional tab. Everything becomes centralized, so that in addition to saving money you’re also saving a great deal of time. In Their Own Words

The innovative coupon sidebar.

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