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ShuttleCloud.comA new data migration service, ShuttleCloud is sure to let any company that is changing its name or merging with another company have the necessary information exported in a fast and reliable way. Users of this web service cans effortlessly switch Google Apps domains and transfer Google docs, contacts and calendars. And they can also have all their emails migrated in just two or three clicks. ShutleCloud lets users transfer emails between Gmail, Yahoo and AOL accounts on the spot.

This email and Google Apps migration service comes at a cost, with the two main plans being “Basic Migration” and “Advanced Migration”. The former costs $33 per account, and the latter is priced at $44. Only those who go for the “Advanced Migration” plan will be able to preserve Google Docs and Calendar sharing settings. And they will be provided with personalized assistance in order to avoid significant downtime when the migration is taking place, so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on their regular operations.

And this review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that bulk discounts are available, and that you can try the service for free and migrate as much as 100 email messages without having to pay anything. In Their Own Words

Migrate your email between Gmail, Yahoo, Zimbra and any IMAP provider. Transfer your Google Docs, Contacts and Calendars and migrate entire Google Apps domains.

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What other discounts are available? Are there discounts for non-profits/government institutions?