– Run Your Own Q & A Website

Shapado.comIf you feel that there are topics that the public at large should be educated about, or if you want to complement the services rendered by your site in an interactive way one of the best options is creating your own Q & A site. Running such a resource will let you show customers you really care about the products that you are renowned for, and that you intend to provide as much of a comprehensive service as possible.

Also, fans of this or that actor/TV show/band can start one such site to bring discussions in the same spot.

And if you have already been thinking about implementing such a community-fueled service but just don’t have the technical wherewithal to pull it off, then this service will make your day. Basically, it is an open source application that you can run on your own, or as a hosted solution. It even makes possible for you to add you own ads, and have you own analytics. As a matter of fact, it is even possible to have a personalized URL in order to give everything a more immediate feel. In Their Own Words

“Shapado is a Q&A software and is a hosting service that allows anyone to create his own Q&A site for free in less than 8 seconds.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can be used to show people how much you care about the services you provide, and their degree of satisfaction.

Some Questions About

Is this provided absolutely at no cost?