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Servly.comServer downtime equals money lost. That dreaded equation is one of the first webmasters end up memorizing, and if you are one yourself then you will in all likelihood have already learned it, and have had it carved in stone at that. The big question, now, is how can one avoid the pitfalls of servers becoming unresponsive? The truth is that there are lots and lots of sites that make for monitoring downtime available. Some are passable, some are good and some are very good. And personally, I find the one I am about to introduce you to very good.


Named Servly, it empowers anybody to monitor his servers 24/7 and be defended against downtime by way of live alerts and warnings. Plus, detailed reports highlighting server crashes can be produced and delivered straight to you. In this way, you can start realizing what went wrong and how to prevent that from happening ever again.

Three basic paid plans are provided, letting people monitor a different number of servers and URLs. And users can always request a personalized quote in the event they need to keep a watch on a larger number of servers. In Their Own Words

Server monitoring made simple!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it simplifies monitoring the uptime and downtime of servers to no end.

Some Questions About

What else can Servly look out for?


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