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ServerMonitoringHQ.comThere are already a good couple of applications around that can take care of server monitoring, and another one might seem gratuitous. Yet, this one thankfully brings something praiseworthy to the table, namely the ability to monitor everything from CPU, memory and bandwidth without you having to install a single file on your computer. It is all handled from the browser. And this has the added plus of letting you check on the status of your servers from any place that you can access the Internet.


Naturally, Server Monitoring HQ can alert you whenever anything has gone awry. Whenever the CPU, memory or load limits that you have set down as safe are exceeded, a notification will be put your way. And it is possible to set a priority for notifications, and have alerts sent to specific departments first. For example, you can escalate alerts so that customer support is contacted within three minutes of server downtime, and you (the manager) be contacted within half an hour, provided the problem has not been solved. In Their Own Words

ServerMonitoringHQ notifies you of pending server disaster before it happens. Setup takes seconds.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to escalate alerts is a really well-devised feature.

Some Questions About

How much does this all cost?


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