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SentinelMonitoring.comSentinel Monitoring is a monitoring service that webmasters can use to keep an eye on their servers at all times. Sentinel Monitoring can take care of sending SMS alerts and tweets if something goes amiss, and it can also generate rich reports showcasing the overall reliability of the servers in question.


A 5 minute ping is automatically set up for every server. Besides, the webmaster can check for as many specific services as he wants. For example, he can check for HTTP and FTP in an equally effortless way. And note that alerts can be sent to just any member of your team. So, you will be safe in the knowledge that there will always be someone who would look into the problem if you can’t do it.

In the end, this is the kind of application that no webmaster worth its salt does without. If you are one, you might already have a service that you use in order to have your back covered at all times. But those who are still to find the definitive monitoring service are advised to check this website. It has enough features to make it worth their time. In Their Own Words

“Sentinel is an online server and website monitoring system that is incredibly easy to use.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it comes with enough options to let you sleep easy on the knowledge your site is being watched over for you.

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Can you try this service for free if you want to?


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