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SendingWord.comIt seems that having Pope Benedict issue an announcement encouraging churches to embrace the latest digital advances was all it took for everybody to take notice. If you have any doubts, just looking at the many services like Sending Word that we have available right now should dispel them right away.

In this specific case, this is a tool for the digital distribution of both church news and scripture passages not only by email but also via the two platforms of the hour, Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, you can handle prayers chains and cancellation alerts through it.

All it takes for this system to be swung into action is to supply the relevant content that you want to share with your congregation. The distribution will be taken care of in the ways that you have specified upon signing up.

Incidentally, pricing itself is based on the actual number of members that the congregation has. All subscriptions amount to a full year, and if you have chosen to have your content distributed via phone calls an additional fee has to be paid, too. In Their Own Words

“SendingWord, a ministry and communications tool, digitally distributes scripture passages and church news. Simply input content to share with your congregation or specific ministry, and we’ll electronically send the messages to members’ chosen communication method: email, text message, phone call, Facebook or Twitter. Integrate your church—and the Word—into today’s essential digital medias with the click of a button.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it is not only incredibly useful but also very well-implemented.

Some Questions About

What is the minimum fee that has to be paid for using this service?