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Searcheeze.comSearcheeze allows you to collect different web content in the same place, and have it published as a magazine that everybody else can read and share with all of his pals. This platform is in beta right now, but it already comes with all of the features you could ever need to have content curated and contextualized. You can collect everything from text and images to video and audio streams, and mix that in all the ways you could possibly fancy. The idea is to let you take your time to figure out the one combination that would work for you.


You’ll be able to create an individual magazine for each and every topic that you’d like to curate, and then create a magazine based on that. You can add content webpage by webpage, and also by getting the provided bookmarklet and having it added to your magazine without having to leave the page you’re on.

This content curation platform can be tried for free. You can create an account just by supplying some pretty basic details such as your name and your email address. And you can also sign in using your Facebook account, and have all your friends closer than ever when your content is ready and you want to have it shared. In Their Own Words

The best way to collect, curate and publish content about your favorite topics, even in group.

Some Questions About

How many people can work on the same piece at the same time? To how many people can you give management privileges?


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