– Getting Rid Of Duplicate Contacts

Scrubly.comScrubly is a simple yet great productivity tool that can let you have a tidier contact list. It can take care of operations like cleaning it up for you and removing all the contacts that are featured twice, and it can also resolve conflicting entries by merging the necessary data.

Moreover, Scrubly is able of backing up your data and storing it securely. If the worst should happen, you will be capable of retrieving all the information and rebuilding your list of contacts on the spot. You will also able to choose how far you want to go, and you can revert your data back to how it was at any moment in time.

So far, Scrubly works with the following four address books: Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps. I know for a fact that most people who use an address book do use one of these. There isn’t really a lot more to ask for.

You can create an account for free. All it takes is choosing a username, supplying your email address and picking a password for it to become activated and usable. In Their Own Words

“Scan and remove duplicate contacts from Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps address books.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give your productivity a true boost – there is nothing more frustrating than a messy address book.

Some Questions About

In which senses could this service be further developed, now?