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Scadaplan.comScadaplan is a task management application that will let you take even the most taxing and complex projects you are facing to a satisfactory conclusion. This browser-based application will let you set down priorities and deadlines, and get your whole team together on the same page. All the people working under your aegis will be able to communicate among themselves, and swap all the files that they need to get their work done in time.


You (as the manager of the whole group) will be able to add and remove tasks by merely clicking a button, and sort the ones that you had created in an equally intuitive way. And tracking the time that each subordinate has been spending on the tasks that were allocated to him is also done as easily as any team leader could ever wish.

Scadaplan is in early beta, but trial accounts are available to just anybody. Registration is free, and a private URL is generated for each company that signs up. In Their Own Words

A better way to plan and collaborate on projects.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It takes the hassle off project management, and it lets everybody focus on getting things done.

Some Questions About

Can you try Quantify for free? If yes, for how long?


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