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Safeberg.comAs the title of the review puts it, this is a new alternative for those who have decided it is time to back all their data. In this particular case, the storage process is made possible by installing and then launching a small application. This will take care of uploading all your data to the cloud, where you will be able to access it later on, at any time you want.


And (as it is only suitable) Safeberg takes care of backing up your data automatically. Once installed, it will do the job for you without you even noticing. And it is very important to mention that Safeberg can actually take care of backing up files that are open – its continuous backup capabilities make that possible.

The free version of Safeberg will let you store up to 2 GB of data, at which point you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your account. There are lots of configurations to go for, with the less expensive plan giving you 5 GB, and the most expensive one giving you no less than 800 GB of storage. In Their Own Words

Prevent dataloss with Safeberg Online Backup. Safe, simple and affordable.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is as good a solution as any other for ensuring your data is not becoming lost accidentally.

Some Questions About

Which plan is the most suitable for an early-stage startup?


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