search cancel – A URL Shortener That Checks For Viruses

Saf.liIt is a bit difficult not to reach for the big brown bag that reads “Sarcasm” when commenting yet another URL shortener, but the job is done slightly easier when the site in question has something of a novel feature at play.


In the case of Saf.

ly, the novelty is provided by the fact that it can not only shorten any URL that you throw at it – it can actually check it both for viruses and for phishing. Such features don’t make using it an epiphany, but they sure give you some much needed peace of mind. The checks themselves are carried out using BitDefender, incidentally.

I suppose all of you have already used a URL trimmer before, so that going into further details regarding how the site works is absolutely unwarranted. The one thing that might be interesting to mention is that a bookmarklet is provided for you launch the application from wherever you are. Provided you like it enough so as to make it you default shortener of URLs, that’s it. In Their Own Words

“Share links”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It adds a twist of its own into the process of shortening and sharing URLs.

Some Questions About

Will people start using it willingly? Is it really that different from sites that provide related services?


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