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RundownCreator.comThis is for planners of TV shows. I know, I know. It is hardly the kind of application that most of you would benefit from. But it is nice to feature sites that are as different as this one every once in a while. And in any case, statistics dictate that at least a handful of people will find a good use for this site. Hence, a review is in order.


Using this browser-hosted tool any person who has to plan TV schedules will be able to do it, in a logical and foolproof way. In addition to creating a full rundown, this app enables the user to time his shows and know how they fit in the overall running order.

Besides, an auto-updating teleprompter is featured and it can be employed as extensively as the user wants. He can even export the data to third party applications, both in plain and rich text formats.

Currently, there are four paid plans for you to choose the one that suits your needs best. The one and only difference lies in the number of supported users – from five to fifty, there is bound to be a plan that will be right up your street. In Their Own Words

Web-based TV rundown software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not really that many sites that provide such services, you know.

Some Questions About

Who else will benefit from such a site?


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