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Rrripple.comIf you are into sharing media with others on the World Wide Web, you are never spoilt for choice. Services for sharing videos, photos and music are ten-a-penny, and they mostly do the job with correction.

The site being reviewed right now, though, is a little different. It not only lets you share media (and media of every type, actually), but it lets you create groups with whom to share it quite uncomplicatedly. In practice, this means that if you want only your fiends to watch a video you can do so, and keep your co-workers from seeing it.

Besides, a nice feature is that a timeline is created. This will let you visualize your activity across time, and see how you interacted with your group and when.

The approach is not that radical if you think about it, but the execution somehow makes a true difference. Maybe it is the fact that you are 100 % in control of who sees or listens to what, and you are always capable of seeing when did that interaction take place. Not everybody cares about such things, of course, but the rest of us are bound to find something like rrripple appealing for the flexibility it adds. In Their Own Words

“Life flows. Share it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are into sharing media online, visiting this site is mandatory if only because of the control it will let you exert over such a process.

Some Questions About

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