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RouterSoft.netRouter Soft is a new and ingenious service that will let you have an Internet connection without having to purchase and install a router. Your laptop will become the router, and you will be allowed to share your Internet connection with devices of every kind – other laptops, cell phones, PDAs… And note that you can share just any kind of connection: wireless, wired, Bluetooth, mobile internet.


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A service like this one will obviously be greatly useful for those who are always on the go (IE, traveling businessmen). Yet, home users that don’t want to have anything to do with purchasing and installing hardware will also maximize it for sure.

So, this is a product that eliminates the need of purchasing a physical router in order to have an Internet connection. You can share your Internet connection with anybody, and others will be able to share theirs with you. And there’s no need to carry cables or additional hardware around – as long as one of you has a laptop with the Router Soft application installed, you are good to go. In Their Own Words

“Turn your laptop into a wireless router and share any file between computers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is nothing like it around – it will let your laptop become a router, and you will be able to share the connection with whomever you want. This put an effective end to carrying cables and accessories with you.

Some Questions About

Which operating systems are supported?


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