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RouteFast.comAs its name denotes, Fastest Route is a new solution that will let you figure out which ones are the fastest routes when it comes to going anywhere you might have to head to. The system works by having you submit locations/addresses and then the fastest way to get from A to B will be calculated based on your current position.


A service such as this one will be helpful not only to people who are always on the go but also to delivery services of every kind, along with sales people and traveling technicians.

It goes without saying that the routes you are presented with are printer friendly, so that you won’t end up asking for directions every time you turn a corner.

You can sign up on the site easily, and have your pick from any of the four plans that are provided. A free trial that amounts to 30 days is available for every plan minus the one named “Business”. Hopefully, that will let you determine if this system is compatible with your needs or not. In Their Own Words

“RouteFast is an easy to use web-based route planner developed to help make life easier for those on the road.

Easily add multiple addresses or locations into RouteFast and it will calculate & output the fastest possible route for you to take from point A to Z or Roundtrip. You can then simply print out the map along with the directions and be on your way!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are constantly out and about will find it valuable. Plus, it is eco-friendly.

Some Questions About

Which territories are actually covered by this system?


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