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The suitably-named RoboDomain is a new service that will let you manage all the domains that make up your portfolio. Of course, a casual blogger that has just one domain is not deriving a lot of uses from this, but someone who is a serial blogger from front to back will find it very useful indeed. There is nothing worse than losing a domain because you have forgotten an expiration date. That is not happening if you have just one domain that you write for sporadically, and if it does happen you are not getting that worried to begin with. It is not as if that single domain was paying your way, is it?


Conversely, any person who is heavily immersed in the world of blogging will find RoboDomain immensely useful. Not only can it remind him about the status of his domains, but it can also be used to log all the transactions, orders and payments that are connected with it.

Right now, RoboDomain is in beta. The service can be tried for free, and all the features that people are going to be charged for in the future are currently usable without any kind of barrier or limitation. In Their Own Words

RoboDomain is a service that helps you keep track of your domains in a single place.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Professional bloggers will find all the tools and services that are offered here nothing short of vital.

Some Questions About

In which ways can you be alerted about any expiring domain?


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