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Rifscan.comIt’s too easy to get carried away when you plan to launch a site, to the point that all the excitement ends up making you lose focus and perspective. All your self-belief can turn into your worst enemy, and make you think less of your competitors than they really are. And that’s the kind of mistake that can cost you dearly. And you know, there’s just no excuse for not researching who you’ll be going up against when there are tools as fast and easy to use as this one.


RifScan lets you have just every site on the Internet analyzed. You can get to know how many visitors a site has daily, weekly and monthly, you can learn how many pageviews it gets, and you can also figure out all the keywords that bring people there.

Of course, that’s hardly something new. Services for letting you know how any site ranks overall and how many visitors it has got are everywhere you could look. FreeWebStat, SeeTheStats, Clicky… these are just some that come to mind easily. But the more services that let aspiring webmasters know where they stand the merrier. I think we all would agree on that. In Their Own Words

Analyzing & tracking approx 4.68 million websites globally

Some Questions About

Aren’t there just too many sites like this one around? What would make people choose RifScan over the ones that were mentioned at the end of the review, and others like GoingUp?


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