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RideSurfboard.comIf you have ever seen an iPad running Flipboard I am sure you were impressed by how practical browsing through pages was in such a setting. Well, it turns out someone has come up with a service that lets you do something comparable in your web browser.

Surfboard lets publishers have their content displayed on desktop computers, iPhones and Android phones as if they were running Flipboard. By merely adding a single line of HTML, publishers will be able to present visitors with a Surfboard-ized version of their sites. These will come with an interface providing the closest equivalent to touch gestures for desktop computers yet made public, as well as that fabled Retina display that characterizes all the most distinctive mobile devices released by Apple.

Note that for Surfboard to work on your desktop computer you will need a fairly new browser. Anything that supports HTML5 and CSS3 will do (IE, Safari). In Their Own Words

Experience the Web in a flippable newspaper-like format.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives desktop users visualization options that are privative to those who have iPads.

Some Questions About

In which browsers does this work best?

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