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RewardsForce.comThe objective of is to take something traditionally complex such as the management or rewards club, and turn everything on its head until it becomes something easy and pleasurable for the one who has to look after everything. To these purposes, the company offers a suite of tools that (when taken as a whole) will let anybody gather information about his customers, track their every interaction and reward specific sections with incentives. And for every campaign that is implemented then you can have access to detailed analytics showing you how well (or not) everything went. In the event things turned out sour, then you will be able to realize why, and know what to focus on next time around.

Currently, RewardsForce is focused on covering the needs of casinos and card rooms. Yet, the service is going to be expanded soon, and more industries are going to be duly catered for. In the meantime, if you operate in either industry you can get in touch with the company and start negotiating having its services used to your benefit. In Their Own Words

Our goal is to help businesses tackle the difficult task of creating and sustaining loyalty programs.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It should put an end to the hassles that go hand in hand with trying to run loyalty programs smoothly.

Some Questions About

What other advantages has this platform got?

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