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ReverseGet.comOne of the most difficult parts of creating a new site is identifying all of your competitors. Sure, you know that if you’re creating a site where people can auction off these items they no longer have a use for then your main rival is going to be eBay. But what happens with these hundreds (probably thousands) of sites that are also trying to beat eBay? You would have to do quite a bit of research to learn who they are. Unless you use a service like Reverse Get, that is. This new site lets you know which sites are competing among themselves just by supplying the name of one of them. It’s done for free, and the process involves little more than typing down the one site to take as point of reference. You’ll get full analytics for the domain you’ve provided, a list of related sites, traffic stats and complete WHOIS information.


And Reverse Get can also be used to discover all the sites that advertise specific products from companies such as Amazon, PayDotCom and Sharesale. The idea is to let you work out how they’re getting sponsors in order to promote their services better, so that you’ll get to devise more effective marketing strategies when the time comes.

Besides, you can use Reverse Get to know which the “Top 100 Most Advertised Online Products” are. Again – this is information that will let you put more efficient campaigns together, by focusing on these products that you know sell well in advance. In Their Own Words

Reverse Get is an online competitive analysis service that is designed to help you collect information on any Internet competitor from public sources. Using our website analysis tools, you can, for example, determine the marketing strategy of a company and the ways to achieve a competitive advantage. Then this information can be used to adjust your own strategy for business development. In addition, Reverse Get can help you collect information on a prospective partner, or evaluate the profitability of purchasing a website before making the final decision.

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