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RetweetFollow.comTo some, retweeting has become an integral part of their Twitter experience to the point that their streams have little in terms of original content – they are made up of nothing but a retweet after the other. The ones who devised the site under review right now obviously took that into account, as RetweetFollow is a search engine for Twitter that enables you to find (and follow) retweeters.


These are found by going through the keywords in their tweeted URLs. In that way, it is easy to determine who is interested in what and build up a list of contacts that share your same interests 100 %.

In addition to being organizable in lists, you can export these fellow Twittereres as a plain text file, and even send them tweets showing your gratitude for the knowledge that they are putting about. Most notably, you can also thank them for retweeting any blog post of yours.

That is one of the true assets of this service – it gives you the chance to know who is tweeting about your original content, and you don’t even have to visit their profiles in order to find that out. You can easily make new allies though such a feature, and marketing anything becomes far easier as a result. In Their Own Words

“Follow the retweeters.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for learning who is spreading your content around in an immediate way, and thank them if you feel like doing it.

Some Questions About

Is this the first site of its kind?


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