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Retaste.Me – Reviewing Your Delicious Bookmarks is a service that will be of use to Delicious users only.


It is a system for reviewing these sites that they have bookmarked. Any person who is active when it comes to doing that will tell you an identical story – he gets carried away, and he ends up bookmarking sites that in the end he just can’t remember what they were all about.

As a result, sites that are good end up piled with these sites that are indistinct, and before you know you have bookmarked half the Internet without deriving any benefit from it – you might as well have bookmarked nothing at all. If you don’t know how good a link is then that link is completely useless. gets around such a shortcoming by letting the user review these sites in a snappy way indeed – via email. That is, if you use this system you will receive a weekly email that will show you all these sites that you have bookmarked recently. It is not a foolproof system or anything like that, but it will most likely let you ensure that sites which are intrinsically good do not become lost in the crowd.

Retaste.Me In Their Own Words

“This is very simple application allowing users of to be awesome in reviewing their bookmarks on a weekly basis via email.”

Why Retaste.Me It Might Be A Killer

It will remind you exactly why you have bookmarked a site or the other to begin with.

Some Questions About Retaste.Me

How can this service become even more versatile? Retaste.Me


Author : Roger Hollings

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