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Resunate.comIt is no longer enough to have a pristine resume hosted online for prospective employers to see. It used to be enough, but today the Web is taking on a more semantic role that means everything has to be malleable to go down well. Static resumes are going to become a definitive thing of the past. And sites like Resunate are going to point the way forward.


Basically, Resunate is a tool that can create intelligent resumes. It looks at what you can do and at what is being requested by employers, and it can modify what the resume says accordingly.

In other words: can let you have a resume for every occasion. It will asses your strengths for each and every opening that materializes, and it will ensure that these (and only these) will be conveyed to HR personnel.

You can sign up to the service for free .Upon feeding all the basic professional information that is needed for Resunate to know who you are both personally and professionally, then just sit back and watch everything go into automatic. In Their Own Words

The only smart online resume builder.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service like this can let you put a much better fight against people who might be more experienced than you, and who have applied to the very same job you have applied. Resunate will highlight your skills in the most effective way of all.

Some Questions About

How long does it usually take for one such resume to be generated?


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