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Respelt.comAnything that makes a visitor think that a site was created haphazardly is fatal. An avalanche of grammar mistakes certainly does. I mean, if a company you were thinking about doing business with has a site that looks like a cyclone has hit it, would you still approach such a company that willingly? Or would you think a company like that simply cares very little about the services it provides, and just wants to get things quickly out of the way?


That is certainly something to ponder on. And if after thinking about it you recognize the importance of having a site that looks pristine in every sense, then Respelt is a service that you are surely going to appreciate.

Respelt will let you have the grammar of your own site analyzed – online, and at no cost. That is achieved just by furnishing the URL of your site, and the URL where its RSS Feed is found. Respelt will then go through it all, and present the results back to you in a coherent and direct fashion. In Their Own Words

Spell check your website online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast and safe way to ensure your site is up to scratch grammatically.

Some Questions About

Is this service always going to remain free to use? Or will some paid features be added later on?


Author : Roger Hollings

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