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Resonancers.comBeing featured on Twitter’s homepage is a true sign of recognition. Such a feat is the result of being retweeted or favorited by one of the official Top Tweets accounts such as @toptweets, @toptweets_es or @toptweets_de.


The thing is, Twitter does not notify you when that happens. If you don’t keep an eye on the page in any way or the other you won’t even know your fifteen minutes are running. That is something this service wants to address. It basically provides a ranking for tweeps that is based on the number of times any tweet has been featured on Twitter’s homepage.

Furthermore, you can activate notifications each single time a tweet of yours is favorited or retweeted. If you are promoting anything, such a service will be quite precious.

In this way, determining the influence of tweeps for each language becomes notably easier. Of course, the concept of “influence” is hazy be definition. But I think we all agree here that something like provides an indicator that is more than illustrative. In Their Own Words

“The most resonant tweeps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite an apt way of knowing how influential a twitterer you are.

Some Questions About

How standardized can this become? Why/why not?


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