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RentShare.comRentShare lets you pay your rent online and share expenses with all of your roommates, without your landlord having to become involved. You simply use your credit card or your checking account to have your share of the rent paid, while your roommates pay theirs. Both you and your roommates can receive reminders via email when it’s time to pay the rent, and as if that wasn’t enough you can use an “Autopay” option and have the money sent over without having to do anything. The money will be automatically debited from your account.


And Rentshare can also have your rent total adjusted, so as to account for shared expenses. The idea is to let you and all your roommates never have to sit round a table with a calculator again, and end up bickering as people always do when trying to determine who should pay for what. Utilities, food, toilet paper… it’s really easy to have everything evened out.

And as far as your landlord goes, Rentshare is sending him all the payments you and your friends have made straight to his account. Payments will come with a detailed note making it clear who’s paid for what, at which time, and for what apartment. In Their Own Words

Paying rent just got simple.

– Pay Rent Online Regardless of Landlord

– Share Expenses with Roommates

– Get Email Reminders and Utilize Autopay

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How many currencies can this handle? How many is it supposed to support in time?


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