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RemindPost.comThis must rank as one of the simplest task management applications ever. Remind Post will let you send any of your collaborators a short message that will act as a reminder of a task that has to be done.


The message itself will also include a box that will be checked once the task has been completed. In this way, the assignee won’t even have to send you a separate email in order to let you know that the task has been taken care of. You will know it right away.

On the other hand, if the task is not done when it should when it should then both of you will receive a daily reminder. This automatic reminder will be sent for as long as the task remains unattended.

To create a reminder all you have to do is to furnish your email, the email of the assignee, the details of the task itself and then specify the time when it has to be done. That is done by picking the relevant option from a drop down menu that includes options like “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “1 Week From Now”, “2 Weeks From Now”, “A Month From Now”, “A Year From Now” and “On This Date”. In Their Own Words

“RemindPost is a simple, free service to let you send tasks to people, and be notified when they’re done.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everything is kept to the point; you send the reminder (which is easy to create), and then you get to learn when the assignment has been looked into.

Some Questions About

Will premium services be introduced later on?


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