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ReminderGuru.comSo, the year’s started in the best possible way, with you getting that long-awaited promotion. Yet, you find that now you’ve got too much too handle and your work life is leaving you with less and less time to focus on everything else, much to your despair and frustration. You forget appointments with friends, you’ve got less time to spend with your children. You can’t go out as often as you did before. And that’s all going to take its toll on you. You should do something before you crack up beneath all that pressure. And a service like the one I’m going to tell you about now is what could make all the difference.


As its name implies, ReminderGuru is a platform for the creation and delivery of reminders. You can use it to schedule reminders to any email or phone number, and you’ll get to do it all for free. Birthdays, appointments, deadlines… you can count on this service to send you a timely reminder in all such cases. You can even turn to ReminderGuru to schedule wake-up calls.

It’s all very useful, and it’s all for free. Take a closer look for yourself – check the demo that’s featured here, and whenever you’re ready you can sign up for the service on this page. In Their Own Words

Receive reminders by email, text or phone call.

Some Questions About

What else can you be reminded of by using this service? Can you set down multiple reminders for the same event?


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