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RemarkBox.comRemark Box injects a lot of vitality into online feedback systems by letting your visitors provide you with insight not just paragraph by paragraph but actually word by word if that is what they want.


Essentially, Remark Box can be implemented into any site by merely copying and pasting a small string of code into the relevant page.

Upon doing so, your visitors will be able to attach their comments to any paragraph that made them think a lot. They will also be able to comment on the page as a whole, of course.

When adding a Remark Box to your site you are able to tweak with lots of aspects such as the actual colors that will be used (so that the application does not to clash aesthetically with your site), and also vital aspects such as the size of the box that will manifest itself when the visitor wants to offer up his insight.

As a service, Remark Box is free for sites that have 25 or less active pages. There is one paid plan for sites with 26 – 99 active pages, and another for sites that have over 100. Check the “Costs FAQ” to learn about the latest, updated prices. In Their Own Words

“Keep your site’s feedback in context. Let visitors leave a remark on your ideas on every page and paragraph.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Giving your visitors such a supple chance to express the way they feel can but foster a strong sense of loyalty on them, and let you have a more profitable site in the end.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are supported? Will that change sometime soon?


Author : Roger Hollings

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