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Refynr.comBeing able to filter out what comes your way on the Social Web is something that few internauts would keep from doing if given half the chance. The way things stand, meaningful interactions get drowned out almost as often as they manage to come through. Well, Refynr is a new tool you can count on to do that job.


In general terms, what Refynr will let you do is to create a list with these keywords that represent your likes/interests. Refynr will then look at that list, and anything that is not included there will proceed to be excluded from your news feed. It is as easy (and practical) as that.

And if you are worried about letting out words you should include in order to make the best of this service and ensure you are not missing on anything that could appeal to you, then you will be pleased to know that Refynr can help you put your list of keywords together. It can both suggest words the first time around, and as you begin using the service on an ongoing basis. In Their Own Words

Always on topic.

Why It Might Be A Killer

So much information is shared on Twitter and Facebook that filters of a nature or the other should be implemented in order to ensure you are getting what is relevant only.

Some Questions About

How many keywords can a single list include?


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