– Keeping Websites Always Refreshed

RefreshThis.comA site that seems to have come up at the wrong time, what Refresh This does is to refresh any site that you are interested in at a regular interval. In that way, you can keep an eye on multiple sites at the same time in order to scoop up new content when every second counts.

The site works by letting you paste or key in the URL of the site that you have to look out for, and then specifying the refresh interval (you can set that down both in minutes and in seconds).

The truth is that Google Reader or any other reader of feeds will let you do the same thing. Any addition is seen in real time, and it is easy not to miss any update. The timing for an app like Auto Refresh is quite off. That doesn’t mean that it is not useful – it is useful. But there are other ways of procuring that information, and they work satisfactorily enough for anybody to turn his back on them and go for this. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to refresh this, The website that lets you auto refresh / reload any web page you wish at a regular interval.

Refreshthis! is ideal if you visit websites that have information that is regularly updated.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can be used in a simple and uncomplicated way, and that might give it some appeal even if what it does is not revolutionary at all.

Some Questions About

In which ways can this become more unique?