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RealTidbits.comA long, long time has passed since forums established themselves as one of the main ways for people to interact online. And to this day, they are very much present on the Web. But the way they work has never been significantly overhauled. They basically feel like a throwback to a time in which the Internet was more or less static, and the reaction time of people could hardly be any further removed from what it is today.

Well, this emerging startup is here to update the way they operate. RealTidbits uses the Echo stream server in order to deliver real time feeds to users of website forums. When RealTidbist is running, everything flows into a forum in real time – categories, topics, posts, conversations… And any forum which is enhanced by this service will benefit from all the features associated to late-day applications such as tags, analytics and a custom CSS.

Three different subscription plans are available, and each comes with support for a different number of page views per month. The first supports 200,000 and it costs $ 19.95, the second has support for 500,000 page views and it retails at $ 34.95, and the third and final plan is meant for those who expect to receive up to 1,000,000 page views per month. All these plans can be tried for free for thirty days. In Their Own Words

Real time database widgets.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Forums are a vital part of the Web for many a user out there – discussion groups are still going on strong, even after all these years. Anything that makes them stand a little more articulate is convenient in itself.

Some Questions About

How many forums have already implemented this technology? How productive has it turned to be for them?