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ReadySetWork.comCombining a great interface with a powerful set of options, ReadySetWork presents itself as a very practical option for employers that need to cope with the demands posed by rapidly-increasing workforces. This web service will let them import their full rosters and begin arranging schedules based on the availability, skills and labor costs of the employees in question. And a conflict resolution platform is also provided for ensuring no employee will have a reason to feel he has been treated unfairly.


Plus, ReadySetWork can grow along with its users. As companies begin expanding and new locations start to open these can be managed as naturally as the ones they started with.

ReadySetWork is billed monthly, according to how many people are managed through it. Between 1 – 50 employees cost $ 1.50 each.

Of course, there are lots of web tools that play a role similar to the one played by ReadySetWork. HelloScheduling and SimpleHRM are two that spring easily to mind. Check them out, compare how much each costs and sign up for a free trial for the one that looks more promising. In Their Own Words

Easy employee scheduling.

Some Questions About

Is a hosted version of the service available for those who are interested in it? Or must everything be handled on the browser?


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