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Readeo.comThis is an original service indeed. Named Readeo, it stands as a solution whereby anybody can read a text with others over the web.


That is, the connection is made using a webcam and the book is displayed in a shared interface that makes the process of going back and forth a shared one.

If there is one immediate use that springs to mind for something like this, that is reading to your children when you are located far away. It is not the same, but let’s face it – nothing is the same any longer, and in any case communication in this context is preferable to a complete lack of contact with your little ones.

This service can be tried for free in a somehow limited way since you can access only a book per month (the “book of the month”) – that limitation is lifted upon becoming a full member. There is a special promotion at this very moment – as a way of celebrating the launch of the service you can sign up for a year and pay half the price only. In Their Own Words

“See, Hear, and Read with each other even when you’re far away!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that can bring parents and their children closer is invaluable in itself.

Some Questions About

Isn’t just one book to read when testing the site too constricting?


Author : Roger Hollings

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