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ReadEasy.comThe way we are used to reading texts online implies that whenever we come across any word we are unfamiliar with then we just open a separate window and check at a trusted online resource ( and/or Wikipedia in my case).


The process is not really that infuriating (just compare it with the amount of time it takes picking up the dictionary and browsing through its pages), but we all agree that it would be even better if we didn’t have to open a separate window just to check, wouldn’t we?

That is exactly what this new solution enables anybody to do. Read Easy is a system that lets you add readlets to any text you are working on. These effectively mean that the one who is consuming it afterwards will be able to open a contextualized window within the document itself, and gain access to information that previously was only accessible by checking an independent dictionary or encyclopedia.

This certainly makes reading a text much suppler, and the way in which readers behave in relation to any text is reinvented. If you want to see this system in action you can proceed to upload a text and add as many readlets to it as you want. The process is intuitive, and it will cost you nothing to begin with. In Their Own Words

“ReadEasy was formed out of the realization that with today’s technology, the reading experience of texts, either online or offline, can be improved. Specifically, we focus on the reading comprehension stage, both improving comprehension speed and improving comprehension quality. Basically, no matter how one reads a piece of text, the understanding of the text is the most crucial part of the reading process and we aim to help the readers with this challenge.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site has got what it takes to define the way people interact with texts in an exciting new way.

Some Questions About

How widespread can a system like this one become? What might hinder its progress?


Author : Roger Hollings

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