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RDPDesk.comRDP Desk is a remote desktop management solution that can be employed for administrating both remote computers and servers. RDP Desk can be used for free (it is actually licensed under the GNU General Public License), and the newest version can always be downloaded on this site without the need to even register first.


The main advantage of RDP Desk is the way it enables managers to establish multiple remote connections by merely signing in just once. That is the one charm of remote desktop management solutions, of course – how the user no longer has to worry about starting multiple sessions, one for each computer that he needs to oversee. And as far as RDP Desk is concerned, full SSL encryption is provided.

RDP Desk is a cross-platform application, and both Windows and Linux are supported to the same extent. For its part, the protocols that are supported include RDP v.5, RDP v.6, VNC and Citrix ICA. Besides, RDP Desktop is already a multilingual application. Localization should not be a problem. In Their Own Words

Remote desktop and network administration.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let any manager save not only time but also money by controlling everything from a single application.

Some Questions About

Will RDP Desk always remain free to use?


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