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Quotiply.comQuotiply is a productivity tool that makes it easy for businesses to connect both with their suppliers and with their customers. This new application can collect, rate and assess offers from your company’s usual providers, and then take care of singling out the best contender out of all of them. It’s done by creating “demands” that let Quotiply understand all you want to know about the services you’re after. That’s all you’re asked to do: to define the attributes and requirements of what you seek. Quotiply is going to take care of asking all the questions, and telling you about the most suitable new suppliers that are around. Or point you to any supplier that you had worked with in the past, and that now seems to fit your new criteria. Quotiply works in both ways.


And as far as suppliers are concerned, those who sign up for a Quotiply account are provided with a “Replies” system that lets them see how their competitors have replied to the same questions they are replying. This makes it easier to win bids, as they basically know the position taken by their direct rivals when it comes to these demands that they’re fighting for.

All registered users of Quotiply have got their own profile pages, they can message each other and social networking features are provided just to make everything flow along faster.

When using Quotiply, you’re charged per user. The price actually depends on which plan you choose from the three that are available, with the cheapest plan (“Individual”) starting at 10 euros per month. In Their Own Words

Quotiply is the app that helps businesses connect with all of their suppliers and customers in a smooth and intuitive way

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