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QuickBrownFrog.comMore and more each day, the concept of downloading and installing software is becoming outdated. Mostly anything can be done online right now. And learning to type is no exception to that rule. Quick Brown Frog is one of the many available options that have surfaced recently to let people pick up a reasonable speed and accuracy when sitting behind their keyboards.


Quick Brown Frog lets users master typing at the pace that suits them best. They can take as many practice tests as they need in order to hone their skills, and they can see how well-headed they are by using the accuracy and words-per-minute trackers which are provided.

Quick Brown Frog can be used both by people who have PCs and Macs. Access to the application is obtained by paying a one-off fee, and the site includes comprehensive instructions on how to get started which are also very easy to understand. In any case, Quick Brown Frog is so intuitive that I find it hard to believe you will have difficulty working things out yourself if you get stuck. In Their Own Words

Learn to type online with Quick Brown Frog.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is far more practical than downloading a typing tutor and installing it, and it is every bit as effective.

Some Questions About

Will more pricing options be added later on?


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