– Procrastinate & Support Charities

ProcrasDonate.comThis is a site that redefines the concept of “doing nothing” and miraculously transforms it into “doing something laudable”. How is that? Well, what this site will let you do is to donate to a cause of your choice for each and every hour you procrastinate.

This system is implemented as follows. First, you need to activate a RescueTime account in order to let the application know what it is that you are up to at any given moment. You also select a charity and a donation rate, and if from that point onwards ProcasDonate detects any activity on your behalf that can be deemed as procrastination then you are donating the amount that you set down at the beginning. (Payments are authorized through Amazon.)

In that way, you will have a splendid excuse to mince the things that you do, and avoid wasting time that could be better employed elsewhere. After all, is there a bigger incentive for doing something than knowing you will be “fined” for loitering? I frankly don’t think so, and if you also feel that way this site is certainly going to be of use. In Their Own Words

“Donate to a good cause for every hour you procrastinate. It’s a feel good incentive to not waste too much time.

Select a charity and donation rate, and then authorize automatic Amazon payments. Your RescueTime activities with negative productivity scores are automically considered procrastination.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can play a true motivational role, and instil good habits into you.

Some Questions About

Is there a limit to the amount you can actually donate like this?