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PrismTweets.comThere are lots of applications that let people send tweets longer than 140 characters (see and TwitLonger for two good examples), but not that many take the colorful approach taken by PrismTweets. In essence, this new web service enables people to send tweets that can be as long as they want, and that come with links for these words that go over the 140-character limit that twitterers have to live with.


That is, people who use PrismTweets can type as much as they want, and for all these words that fall outside of the 140 count a link will be provided at the end of the tweet. Just by clicking on it, people will be allowed to read the rest of the message on a separate site (IE, the PrismTweets website).

Moreover, all the tweets one can send through this service can include smileys and emoticons. And that’s quite nice for a change. It’s strange how Twitter itself has never given people the chance to use either, specially considering that they would let anybody send more expressive messages using even less characters. Strange, indeed. Well, until Twitter finally does something about it, there’s this site. In Their Own Words

PrismTweets is a twitter app, which allows you to send colorful tweets longer than 140 characters.

Some Questions About

Will people really be interested in something like this? Isn’t mostly everybody used to the 140- character limit by now?


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