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PreVerify.comWouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to show prospective employers that everything on your resume is indeed true and that you have a clear criminal background? That is the objective of this new solution. It lets prospective employers ensure that background checks such as criminal, educational, credit history and more are indeed verified ones.


In this way, they can rest assured that any employment history is accurate.

Such a concern has always existed, and it is good to see the emergence of solutions that address such issues, especially as online education is gaining so much preeminence and making false claims is easier than ever.

The solution aims to eventually become a standard in any screening process, and let those who are part of the system be selected first and have access to the best positions. Whether or not it can reach these lofty heights remains to be seen, but it can’t be denied that at least the team behind it is aiming high. Let’s see how it all works out. Just drop by the site at in order to form your own impression. In Their Own Words

“Step in front of candidates who have not yet PreVerified their Employment History so you get chosen first for the best interviews. Stand out from the crowd.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is (and always has been) a demand for such tools. The explanation is obvious: it lets both those looking for a job and prospective employers save time and cut bureaucratic steps short.

Some Questions About

How does this system hope to establish itself?


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