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PrettyGraph.comHalf the story when conveying information lies in how you are going to transmit it. There is data that can be put across only by way of charts, graphs and diagrams.

It is the kind of data that is only assimilated if we have a spatial reference for comparison. We might not look at the numbers and percentages, and focus only on the graph. That happens very often, and the essence of the information is still transmitted.

And no matter what kind of blog or site you have, chances are you will have to resort to a graph or two sooner or later. When that day comes, a site like Pretty Graph can assist you more than satisfactorily enough. It will let you come up with charts and graphs, and not only host them online but also print them for offline consultation. Graphs can likewise be shared as PDFs and PNG files with colleagues and prospective business partners.

This service will also hold some value to students as they can employ it in order to generate the graphs and diagrams they might need for illustrating any presentation, and then proceed to print them out. And it is clear that the system could also yield remarkable results for professionals like scientists, designers and marketers who need to get the job done without any unnecessary delay or complication. In Their Own Words

“Make your data sing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Presenting information compellingly enough is a big challenge. This site will let you meet it and put up more than a decent fight.

Some Questions About

Will other types of charts be eventually added? Are the programmers open to suggestions?