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Preceden.comPreceden is a new tool that is entirely web-based. In very general terms, it lets you organize important events into multiple layers.


This makes it very easy to put everything into perspective and see how events relate to each other as time goes by.

These layers can include “Relationships”, “Locations”, “Education” and “Job” to name but four that spring easily to mind.

The one clear use something like this has is the making of autobiographies. That is, using a system like Preceden is very easy to order your thoughts and come up with more realized recollections, as you can see how your professional life blended with your personal one and vice versa.

These timelines can be created at no cost – Preceden is free from start to finish. If you think you could use a tool letting you cast a glance back on multiple levels either for coming up with a biography or just for putting the past in order this site will be of help. Also, note that the timelines can be as public or private as you want them to be, so letting others collaborate with you is easily done too. In Their Own Words

“Preceden lets you build simple, powerful timelines.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free tool that will let you research the past and keep track of where your life is heading effortlessly.

Some Questions About

Are premium features ever going to be offered?


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