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PreBuilt.comPreBuilt is a new site that allows both domain name investors and web entrepreneurs to manage domain portfolios. The basic aim of the site is to empower said individuals to create revenue generating sites at no cost whatsoever.


Both the ones with small and large portfolios could benefit from such a system, and the provided interface makes for the easy (and direct) categorization of domains – it is possible to arrange everything into different folders, and have the domains themselves filtered by criteria such as the date in which they are expiring and so on.

Furthermore, a tool for building sites is provided. This means that if you have a memorable URL you will be capable of coming up with a fully-featured site to go with it. And once your site is up and running, the provided stats will let you figure out in which areas it is delivering and in which ones it is failing to catch on so that you can readjust anything that should be modified.

All in all, this platform is not only useful but also entirely customizable to suit each user’s needs. If you feel like knowing a bit more about it, I advice you to direct your browser to the site and check out the tour that is provided along with the section entitled “Features” . In Their Own Words

“Free website builder and domain name management.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a cost-efficient way of dealing with a portfolio of websites and ensuring they are yielding the results they should yield.

Some Questions About

Will these services always be provided for free?


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